Senior HR Director

West Los Angeles, California, United States · Administration


We are seeking a senior, very experienced HR executive, who has previously led the HR function in one or more other organizations, to work with us 1-2 days a week to ensure that all of Nexleaf’s human resource needs are met. As the demand for our products and services expands, this senior-level team member will provide crucial support by helping us grow the size, quality, motivation and performance of our team. Specific responsibilities and projects will include:

▪ Helping Nexleaf’s leadership assess and articulate our company culture and radiate it throughout our organization in Los Angeles and other locations.

▪ Identifying, recruiting, hiring, and retaining stellar candidates, particularly technical candidates, to carry out Nexleaf’s vision and commitments. This would include managing the recruiting process and partnering with search firms as needed.

▪ Reevaluating benefits and compensation practices with a focus on competitive hiring and team member retention, including assessing current company arrangements.

▪ Training managers and establishing processes and protocols required for successful and smooth relations between team members.

▪ Maintaining the Org Chart and solidifying job descriptions for existing team members and new positions to ensure clear management structure and roles and responsibilities.

▪ Working with our Professional Employer Organization to evaluate and optimize the payroll and other HR services that they provide to us.

▪ Empowering the Administration Department to manage day-to-day employee relations and outsourced contractors effectively and in compliance with state, federal, and local laws.

▪ Spotting issues and devising solutions for HR problems that impact the core team.

Our ideal candidate is a highly self-motivated and experienced HR executive with a passion for developing and supporting high performance organizations.


Education & Experience:


Nexleaf’s Employee Value Proposition:

1. Be a Maker

2. Innovate for Impact

3. Build Capacity

4. Do More with Data

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