Program Manager

West Los Angeles, California, United States · NICU Data Program


The Program Manager of the NICU Program will be responsible for managing overall project milestones, deliverables, and partnerships for Nexleaf’s new NICU Program, which will bring Nexleaf’s ground-up data-driven approach to a new sector. To learn more about the NICU Program, please find the latest information on our website. Program Manager will oversee all of the project’s milestones and deliverables and ensure that Nexleaf team is working well with partners to achieve our common goals. This person will bring the Nexleaf staff in the technical, program and communication roles to ensure reports and learnings are generated and shared with partners and other stakeholders including the funder, when needed and/or on an ongoing basis.

Reports to: Program Director, Vaccines

Essential functions include:

1. Project Management

● Manage NICU project deliverables, including all deployment and pilot projects.

● Recruit, train, and supervise staff and independent contractors located globally to fulfill program objectives and ensure capacity building within the team in LA and abroad.

● Develop all program materials including training guides and standard operating procedures (SOPs) based on program learnings and data analysis.

● Provide support to the Program Director and the Technical team to pilot new technologies and analytics platforms in the field.

2. Program Evaluation & Assessment

● Design and implement program evaluation and assessment tools including key performance indicators (KPIs) and impact metrics.

● Work with Program Director to design and implement program evaluation and assessment tools including key performance indicators (KPIs) and impact metrics.

3. Data Advocacy & Sector-Wide Engagement

● Maintain partnerships with funders, implementation partners, national Ministries of Health, and other partnering institutions and individuals.

● Generate program related communications, including data-driven reports and white papers.

● Represent Nexleaf at key conferences/events.

4. Budget & Reporting

● Manage project level budgets, expenditure tracking, and allocations to monitor grant spending with support from finance team and Program Director.

● Work with Program Director to report progress to funders, generating report materials with support from communications team.

5. Fundraising

● Work with communications and fundraising teams to craft grant proposals and supporting material.

● Work with leadership team on program strategy and growth.



Nexleaf’s Employee Value Proposition:

1. Be a Maker

2. Innovate for Impact

3. Build Capacity

4. Do More with Data

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